Today in Madonna History: January 16, 1993

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On January 16 1993, Madonna was musical guest on NBC-TV’s Saturday Night Live, performing Fever and Bad Girl. She also appeared in the show’s opening skit – a humorous homage to Marilyn Monroe – alongside the late comedians Phil Hartman and Jan Hooks.

Perhaps a little too into character or, more likely, a little too nervous – she managed to flub the show’s signature intro tag line during the live broadcast, with the mistake being subsequently edited out of all repeated airings of the episode.

Fortunately any nervous energy quickly dissipated once Madonna took to the musical stage, where she delivered a stunningly confident and nuanced vocal performance backed by an equally impressive new band (which included several members that would be recruited for her Girlie Show tour later in the year). It was Madonna’s only live performance of Bad Girl to date, and despite many appearances on SNL, her only inclusion as featured musical guest.

The episode was hosted by Harvey Keitel, who was only weeks away from working with Madonna again in the film Dangerous Game (then known as Snake Eyes) which began shooting in February.

Would you like to see Madonna return to SNL as musical guest?

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  1. I don’t know why, but this song was so underrated as a single when it came out in February 1993. This is my favourite single on Erotica, next to Secret Garden. The video was amazing of course, because David Fincher the creative genius directed it. Madonna was filming Dangerous Game at the time, and this song should’ve been included on Body of Evidence soundtrack in my opinion. I really wished the maxi single had other versions besides the extended album version and the single version. I think this song should’ve been a top ten, but uptight America punished her radio play over a book of fantasies. Her only live performance was on SNL 27 years ago, and she sang Fever and Bad Girl perfect. This was the most beautiful she looked. I miss her style because the last 8 to 10 years she only wears those ugly fish net outfits with a jacket, and hasn’t changed her hair in years.

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