Today in Madonna History: December 9, 2003

m-nothing-fails-1 m-nothing-fails-2 m-nothing-fails-3

On December 9 2003, Madonna’s Nothing Fails CD maxi-single (featuring remixes of Nobody Knows Me) was released in the USA.

The CD included the following remixes:

  1. Nothing Fails (Peter Rauhofer’s Classic House Mix)
  2. Nothing Fails (Nevins Big Room Rock Mix)
  3. Nothing Fails (Tracy Young’s Underground Mix)
  4. Nothing Fails (Nevins Global Dub)
  5. Nothing Fails (Jackie’s In Love in the Club Mix)
  6. Nobody Knows Me (Peter Rauhofer’s Private Life Part 1)
  7. Nobody Knows Me (Above & Beyond 12″ Mix)
  8. Nobody Knows Me (Mount Sims Italo Kiss Mix)

Were CD single designers on strike when this was released? What happened to cool designs for singles? Lame lame lame ..  

4 responses

  1. I agree these cd singles were boring. If i worked at Maverick I would have designed some cool cd singles. Nothing Fails is one of her best songs of the 00’s and it should have revieved a video. I remember buying this single and then in March 2004 Love Profusion. I remember summer 2004 Nobody Knows Me was released as a dance promo. I think she was under bad management after the Music era. She should have released more singles on American Life, Confessions and Hard Candy.

  2. Should have been the lead single IMO. After Die Another Day…American Life sounded very similar and messy. This song should have been a hit.

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