Today in Madonna History: November 23, 1996


On November 23 1996, Madonna’s You Must Love Me hit #18 in the USA on the Billboard Hot 100.

2 responses

  1. Madonna’s new and improved voice came in 1995 and 1996 when she began voice lessons. The debut single You must Love Me was a top 20 hit around the world, Don’t Cry for me Argentina became her biggest hit of 1997 remixed into a marvelous dance track. Another Suitcase in Another Hall should’ve been released in North America, but it hit the top ten in other markets like #7 in the U.K. Buenos Aires the final single hit the top 40 in Latin America and became a dance hit. Her voice lessons paved way for her 2nd best album Ray of Light in 1998. Her best albums by decade are Like a Prayer 1980s, Ray of Light 1990s, Confessions on a Dance Floor 2000s, and Madame X 2010s. All 4 albums are personal, ground breaking and unique at the time of its release. Hopefully her future albums won’t have as many producers. She needs to work again with Pat Leonard, Steve Bray, Shep, Orbit and Stuart Price. That would be an intense album and do more movie songs. Masterpiece was her last film song in 2012.

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