Today in Madonna History: May 19, 2019

On May 19 2019, Madonna was scolded in the international press for “making a political statement” during her performance at the Eurovision Song Contest held the previous day, which ended with performers wearing Israeli and Palestinean flags on their backs with arms interlocked in embrace and the words “wake up” appearing on a stage screens.

Madonna’s camp responded with what should be (but is apparently not) obvious: “A message of peace is not a political statement.”

Here is the common definition of the term political statement:

The term political statement is used to refer to any act or non-verbal form of communication that is intended to influence a decision to be made for or by a political party. A political statement can vary from a mass demonstration to the wearing of a badge with a political slogan.

How exactly Madonna’s performance constitutes a political statement in the eyes of the media is puzzling. She did not endorse the political advancement or agenda of either side; she simply reiterated her longstanding and widely expressed wish for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

A more reasonable argument would be that had she not included this symbolic gesture in her performance, it may have been construed as muted political support for Israel’s position. By making the gesture she did, she instead reiterated her political neutrality and her wish for peace.

Equally telling was the network’s response that its desire was to broadcast an entertainment special that essentially whitewashed the realities of the conflict. Clearly, they would have us believe that ignoring the conflict is the acceptable, non-partisan stance, while acknowledging the conflict and expressing one’s hope for its peaceful resolution should be viewed as provocational or controversial.

The irony is that it is only those who are trying to frame Madonna’s actions as a political statement that are, in fact, making one.

3 responses

  1. It’s a war and conflict as old as time itself-One country says “I don’t like you!” The other country says “No! I don’t like you!”-and it goes on and on! The Bible is the most controversial book! Even God is imperfect sometimes! Madonna-gentle soul she is-wants peace in our time! Love Makes the World Go Round then is a beautiful song and solidarity anthem! To which I say Amen Madonna!

  2. Great performance, especially the part after Like A Prayer, where she says, “They are so naive. They think we’re not aware of their crimes. We know but we’re just not ready to act… Can’t you see outside your supreme hoodie, the wind that’s beginning to howl?”

    It may not have been partisan political, but the message was revolutionary. Peace, love, wake up call to action. She’s such a threat to the established power order. Long live the Queen.

  3. Umm…hello?…Has anybody over at Eurovision been paying a lick of attention to Madonna over the past 35+ years??? If you don’t want the most political, controversial provocateur there ever was in the history of pop music to make a political statement in her performance, then don’t invite her to perform.

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