Today in Madonna History: April 16, 2019

On April 16 2019, Madonna announced that the first single from her forthcoming album, Madame X, would be released on Wednesday April 17 (at 9am in Los Angeles, 12pm in New York City and 5pm London time). The lead single, Medellin, features Colombian singer/songwriter Maluma (Juan Luis Londoño Arias).

“Madame  is a cha-cha instructor…………….. #nunoxico
1, 2…2morrow #Medellin ft MALUMA 9AM Los Angeles / 12PM NYC / 5PM London” – Madonna

One response

  1. I love Medellin! In the Spanish bridge, Maluma tells Madonna about Detroit proving that although Madonna belongs on the world stage, at Rebel Heart, it’s a joy and comfort to know that Madonna will never forget her Detroit roots and upbringing!

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