Today in Madonna History: December 26, 1987


On December 26 1987, Madonna won 3 Billboard Music Awards: Top Pop Singles Artist, Top Pop Singles Artist – Female and Top Dance Sales Artist.

What was your favourite Madonna single release from 1987? La Isla Bonita, Who’s That Girl, Causing A Commotion or The Look of Love?

2 responses

  1. The Look of Love is an anguished, sad and beautiful ballad that Madonna cries with a sadness that is beautiful and heartbreaking-like she’s about to cry and explode at any given moment!

  2. My favorite single from ’87 is probably The Look of Love. But I love the video (and song) for Who’s That Girl. I’m thinking of introducing Madonna to my little nieces with that video. I love the way Madonna dances with the kids — reminds me of Richard Corman’s rooftop photos of M and the NYC kids with the boombox in ’82. Causing A Commotion is also a great, fun song.

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