Today in Madonna History: November 30, 1980

On November 30 1980, Madonna’s band, Emmy, recorded a four-song studio demo which was later distributed on TDK cassettes around New York City.

Band member and songwriting partner, Stephen Bray, was asked to describe what he remembered from these songs in a 1998 interview with Bruce Baron for Goldmine magazine, and he commented on each this way:

  • (I Like) Love For Tender – “Sort of our Byrds thing. Nice song, arrangement was too long though.”
  • No Time – “This was a giddy, up-tempo romp with drums and rhythm section stuff inspired by the fast playing Police and XTC attitude, but with a pop top.”
  • Bells Ringing – “Our most psychedelic number I recall, too long again. It had a definite Stones-ish attitude.”
  • Drowning – “The best tune of the moment, I always thought.”

3 responses

  1. Gearing up for Ray of Light and Music-starting out-Yes, that is Madonna playing guitar, friends-into her future-two of her most Rock-oriented albums so these four early songs-Love for Tender, No Time, Bells Ringing and Drowning are convincing evidence of Madonna’s Rock roots! Quite a brilliant way to start out!!

  2. What a great find! Thanks for posting. So the men in the photos would be Stephen Bray and the Gilroy Brothers, right?

    • My pleasure! Actually you’re thinking of the first band she was in, The Breakfast Club. Emmy was Stephen Bray, Madonna, Gary Burke & Brian Symms I believe when these photos were taken.

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