Today in Madonna History: November 22, 1995

Pratt 1 550

On November 22 1995, Madonna was featured on VH1’s television series VH1 To One in a previously recorded interview with Jane Pratt. The appearance was part of Madonna’s promotional activities for the ballads compilation, Something To Remember.

The interview was conducted in London, where Madonna had recently begun recording the soundtrack to Evita.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Madonna and to the six Ciccone kids! I am so grateful for the love, support and inspiration Madonna gave me when I was growing up on my way to becoming a rock critic! I am still a fan today because of the love she has given me!-I’ll Remember. Because of Madonna, I don’t feel so alone anymore-Live to Tell. I can now live with my head held high-Take a Bow. And Finally, Madonna has a beautiful voice-Something to Remember!

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