Today in Madonna History: September 6, 1985

On September 6 1985, Desperately Seeking Susan was released to cinemas in the United Kingdom.

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  1. If you get a chance to watch the DVD of Desperately Seeking Susan, watch it with Susan Seidelman’s (the director) and the producers’ commentaries. They reveal a lot about the making of the all-female-produced film and talk mostly about Madonna, her rise to fame during the filming, her work ethic, how she was discovered by Susan S. for the film, and interesting facts about early 80s NYC culture. Great interview on the sidewalk btw, thanks Sonicboy. Wouldn’t you love to read the diaries she mentions writing in the early 80s?

  2. I had no idea the film was released so late in the year. It came out in March/April in the States.

    Desperately Seeking Susan was a big deal when it came out. It was a surprise hit and Madonna got rave reviews. I think a lot of people have forgotten that now, as there’s this perception out there that all her movies were box office bombs.

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