Today in Madonna History: May 3, 1991

On May 3 1991, Madonna appeared on the cover of The New York Post with the headline, “What A Tramp!” The article focused on Madonna’s Truth Or Dare documentary. In the article, Ray Kerrison called Madonna, “vulgar” and the “degenerate queen of sleaze.”

Jay’s Note: I bet Ray Kerrison had no idea that this particular cover of The New York Post would become one of the most sought after and iconic covers of all-time. You could write just about anything alongside this image from the Justify My Love single cover and it would still be beautiful. 

3 responses

  1. Madonna was in her Dark Period by this time! I don’t think she likes to or wants to talk about it anymore. She feels as if shes moved on. An act of rage on her part!

    • I don’t think the Truth or Dare era was a dark period. She was riding a high from the success of “Vogue” and The Immaculate Collection, turning the tables on MTV when they wouldn’t air “Justify My Love,” performing at the Oscars and receiving praise for her performance in Dick Tracy. Plus, Truth or Dare was very well received, even if the New York Post didn’t like it. They printed many negative headlines about her over the years, but it just kind of added to her legend.

      It was a great time to be a Madonna fan, because she was so wildly popular at that time. To me, the dark period hit after the backlash to the Sex book in 1993.

  2. I remember on MTV’s movie premiere special of Truth Or Dare in NY, Kurt Loder showed the cover to Madonna and she said, “Oh I know, I know…I am a tramp and I’m proud of it!” as Niki and Donna and her backup dancers all cackled and applauded by behind her. It was a riot! Ah, the good ol’ days!

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