Today in Madonna History: March 21, 1989


On March 21 1989, Madonna’s Like A Prayer album was released. Today marks the 29th Anniversary of this classic album. Do you remember the first time you heard Like A Prayer? Did you have it on cassette, CD or vinyl?

To celebrate this anniversary, we invite you to follow this link and explore the many exciting releases and controversies that came with this epic release:

4 responses

  1. I bought mine on cassette! And the smell of patchouli put me in a trance. All I remember is being captivated listening to the acapella parts of Like A Prayer on my Walkman (yes, I’m old), dancing my ass off in the whirlwind of Express Yourself, being so glad she worked with Prince, and later listening to Oh Father over and over again. It was a real defining moment in my life (like for so many of us). I was lonely, not yet 16 years old, and not knowing the good trajectory my life was about to take! And Madonna was there all along the way!

  2. Like a Prayer is an absolutely brilliant album! On every track, there is joy, sadness, happiness, sorrow and raw emotion! That’s what makes Madonna a seminal and brilliant artist!

  3. I bought Like a Prayer on cassette too. The record store released the album for sale at midnight and I stood in line to get my copy. I knew “Express Yourself” and “Cherish” would be radio hits the first time I listened to them. I remember my Mom loved “Keep It Together” and we listened to that song repeatedly. She told me then it would be a hit single, but I didn’t think so at the time. She proved me wrong. 🙂

  4. I actually found a promo copy at a used vinyl record store I frequented before the commercial release date, so got to hear the entire album before everyone else! Then I recorded it on tape cassette, which I played the fuck out of well through the summer of 1989 during my 2-hour round-trip commute I had between home, school and work each day.

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