Today in Madonna History: August 31, 2016

On August 31 2016, The New York Times profiled photographer Peter Lindbergh in which he recalled, among other works, his 1994 shoot with Madonna for Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Several outtakes from this stunningly beautiful session were featured along with the article.

“I worked only once with Madonna. What really struck me was her very strong motivation. We were doing a tribute to Martha Graham, her admired dance teacher. I discovered a dancer with a very rare talent: Madonna was moving in a very soulful and personal way, very touching and very much herself. At the same time, there was a feeling of perfection to everything she was doing. I was very interested in capturing some of this extraordinary contradiction, which I found absolutely stunning. Those images are as modern today as they were in 1994.”

– Peter Lindbergh, 2016.


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    • Yes, Louis is correct. Rain was a wig…her hair was strawberry blond and shoulder length at the time the video was filmed. She cut it short and went back to platinum blond a few months later for The Girlie Show Tour. Once the tour ended she went back to dark hair. These photos were taken around the same time as the I’ll Remember video was shot, and both feature her real hair.

  1. By that time-1992-98, Madonna was firmly entrenched in sad ballad mode-I’ll Remember just might be a tribute to teacher and friend Martha Graham-as Madonna poured her heart and soul out!

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