Today in Madonna History: August 5, 1989

On August 5 1989, Madonna’s Express Yourself spent its third week at #1 on Billboard’s Maxi-Single Sales chart (then known as the 12-Inch Single Sales chart) in the US.

With various Shep Pettibone remixes being used to promote the single on radio and in its accompanying video, the wide exposure and popularity of the Express Yourself remixes would allow the 12″ single to hang on to the top spot for a fourth and final consecutive week in the August 12th issue of Billboard. By the time it bowed out a month later it had spent a total of twelve weeks on the Maxi-Single Sales chart.

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  1. Thanks Rabbit Bunny and Norb for the feedback. The Shep remix used in the long version of the video is my favorite version of the song. The reason I’m sharing this mix is because I found it interesting to hear Madonna singing the blueprint for the backing vocal harmonies herself, since in the released versions Donna, Niki and perhaps another backing vocalist were featured in the harmony parts instead. It’s interesting to note how fully formed all the vocal harmonies were in Madonna’s blueprint, and to hear how precisely these ideas were carried over to the released version. It clearly demonstrates Madonna’s ability as a record producer to execute her vision. I was just going to share the audio track but decided I might as well sync it up with the video to give people something to look at. Just wanted to be clear that I didn’t post this because I think it is an improvement over the original video or anything like that. But if some people prefer it, cool! 🙂

    • Yes, the version of the video that is on The Immaculate Collection is shorter. The original version of the video (which features an edited version of the Non-Stop Express Mix) has additional scenes towards the end of the video that are excluded from the shorter version. The video I used in this post is the longer original version, although I replaced the audio of course.

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