Today in Madonna History: January 18, 1986


On January 18 1986, Madonna Live: The Virgin Tour hit #1 on Billboard’s Top Music Videos chart in the US. It went on to become the country’s top-selling music video of 1986.

2 responses

  1. Singing her Rebel Heart out, in frenetic Dance/Rocker Over and Over, Madonna makes a simple plea and declaration of purpose to be the best artist and musician Rock has ever known in its history, lifetime and existence-Our Lady is determination and brilliance with the premise and promise! Madonna will go far in life and love! Four decades and counting, Madonna Louise Ciccone has done exactly that!

  2. I saw The Virgin Tour when it came to L.A. in April of 1985. It changed me from a casual fan to a lifelong worshipper at the altar of all things “Queen of Pop.” It was unlike anything I’d ever seen in a pop/rock concert before. At the end of the show, my friends and I had this sense that we had just witnessed pop music history in the making. I distinctly remember telling my friends that this pop tart we’d just seen was no “flash in the pan” — she was going to be HUGE!!! Of course, we couldn’t have known then how larger-than-life Madonna would ultimately become. Nobody could. There has never been a bigger superstar before or since — and there never will be again.

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