Today in Madonna History: December 19, 1990

breathless-promo-quote-600 breathless-promo-red-1-600

On December 19 1990, the film Dick Tracy was released on home video.

Here’s a video I put together for one of our favorite songs from the film, Stephen Sondheim’s More.

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  1. I love More as well! The best singing/vocal performance from I’m Breathless! Madonna relishes the melody with wicked glee, an insouciance and a joy in her voice-and makes Sondheim proud!

  2. That was a fantastic montage you created, Sonicboy. Thank you for sharing it. I created a burlesque number with a few friends a decade ago to “More”. I wish we could see the entire song and dance routine Madonna does in the film with the dancers in green, but unfortunately, the film cuts out a lot of the performance. Great song, amazing soundtrack. Madonna proved she could sing the complex melodies of Sondheim so early in her career.

    • Thanks Niki! Glad you enjoyed the video! The song has a great momentum to it, and the way it was edited down to bits and pieces in the film doesn’t really do it much justice. I’ve had the idea of editing the pieces together kicking around for years and I’m glad I finally did it because it turned out even better than I expected. I also edited a shorter version without the dialogue at the beginning with Beatty, and the sync up is slightly tighter on that one overall, so I’ll share it in a future post as well.Thanks for the feedback!

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