Today in Madonna History: September 30, 2012


On September 30 2012, Madonna performed the second sold out MDNA Tour stop at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Madonna had this to say to the audience of just over 14,000 die-hard fans:

Come on Vancouver, you stoned motherfuckers!

2 responses

  1. Madonna was in her finest buddy bitchness that night at the show, I recall. Scolding the tokers in the laid-back Vancouver audience… and right she was. Vancouverites could learn to embrace the MDNA vibe and shake their asses a bit more. And all the sativa smoke waaas affecting the tender virgin’s voice as she belted out “dance you stoner motherfuckers!!!” to a semi-dazed crowd. Thank god there were a couple of tall ladies with very BIG hair in the golden triangle. Mwa.

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