Today in Madonna History: September 9, 1993

dangerous-game-1 dangerous-game-2 dangerous-game-3

On September 9 1993, Dangerous Game (starring Madonna, Harvey Keitel and James Russo) premiered at the 50th annual Venice Film Festival in Venice, Italy.

The director, Abel Ferrara had this about the film:

It was just another one of our films that never came out. But on that one, the audience didn’t really like the film. Madonna killed it. The first impression people get on a movie is the one that never gets out of their mind. So after Madonna got so trashed for doing Body of Evidence, she thought she was going to beat the critics to the punch and badmouth the film. And she actually got good reviews. She never got a good review from the Voice or The New York Times in her life, but she got good reviews for this movie, which she came out and trashed. I’ll never forgive her for it.


2 responses

  1. I love “Dangerous Game.” I think it’s a great movie — and not just because Madonna is in it and gives quite possibly her best performance EVER in all of her acting career. (Unless you want to count her Golden Globe winning performance in “Evita,” which is essentially a 2-hour music video. How could M possibly go wrong with that — a format she almost single-handedly pioneered?)

  2. Still in the middle of her Dark Period, Madonna bounced back with Bedtime Stories-a record that has the saddest songs of any Madonna record-You could clearly see the sadness in her voice and the tears on her face! It closes with #1 hit ballad Take a Bow-a song that summed up her state of mind at the time-Her pride was clearly battered, bruised and broken-yet in the end, it was the song that saved her recording career!

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