Today in Madonna History: April 25, 1987

la-isla-bonita-april-25-1 la-isla-bonita-april-25-2 la-isla-bonita-april-25-3 la-isla-bonita-april-25-4

On April 25 1987, Madonna became the only female solo artist to have four Number One singles in the UK with La Isla Bonita.

One response

  1. In another context, another landmark for Madonna. In Evita Prelude #1 La Isla Bonita-that also means island of beauty-there is an unspoken and hidden sadness in this flamenco ballad! In video Madonna cries about mother’s death-she is beside herself and she can do absolutely nothing about it! Madonna cries alone in sadness and tears! Also in mourning for her guitar friend Prince, Madonna is the only one left! Trust me friends, there will never be another Madonna for she is the last of her kind!

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