Today in Madonna History: April 7, 2015

ghosttown-meerkat-2 ghosttown-meerkat-3 ghosttown-meerkat-4 ghosttown-meerkat-5ghosttown-meerkat-1

On April 7 2015, it was announced that the Ghosttown music video would premiere on the Meerkat mobile app that enables users to broadcast live video streaming through their mobile device:

“When it all falls, When it all falls down, I’ll be your fire when the lights go out…” Join us on Meerkat at 10am PST tomorrow for the world premiere of the full Ghosttown video!!”

Jay’s comment: Why Madonna’s management decided to premiere her video through Meerkat instead of a more widely used distributor, I’ll never understand.  The distribution for this video was a disaster.  Advertised as premiering at 10am on April 8 — it never appeared on screen.  By 1pm, Meerkat was still trying to figure it out.  The video ended up premiering the following day.

Madonna’s management seriously needs to review Madonna’s core fanbase and realize that we’re not 14-18 year olds using every brand new gimmicky social media application.  We’re 35-60 now — and getting older by the day.  Her hardcore fans were turned off by this method of release.  Her casual fans were annoyed by the perplexing release strategy.  Was there a kick-back that served to pay for the video? Is that why Guy allowed this disaster to proceed? As a long-time fan — and after so many unacceptable hiccups in the Rebel Heart era, I’m surprised Madonna wasn’t asking for his resignation.  It was her strongest video in years, her best song/single in years — and it was treated as if it were Jimmy Jimmy — Baffling! Madonna – you can do better — you DESERVE better!


4 responses

  1. I think Madonna or her management were trying to appeal to the 14-18 year olds, which she cannot. She does not appeal to the Millennial generation. To them, she represents their parent’s (and possibly grandparent’s) generations. Millennials don’t get Madonna.

    It seemed like she got a lot of mileage out of YouTube premiering “Girl Gone Wild” a few years ago. I know its not cutting edge any longer, but that platform is at least accessible and has a wide audience. But, she didn’t ask me for advice. 🙂

    • The failure of Rebel Heart will always be a mystery! But it should be a blessing in disguise for Madonna! The reason-Both fans and critics loved the record! Radio and public gave it the cold shoulder! Millennials just don’t get Madonna and can’t relate to her!

  2. And we shouldn’t ask or expect Millennials to get Madonna. She’s 58 — when I was 12-16 I wasn’t into 58 year olds. And radio doesn’t play Madonna, so she shouldn’t expect them to have any awareness of her — not yet. When they get into college and get into a retro phase, they’ll no doubt get into her — just like some of my friends got into the Beatles, etc.

    And maybe that won’t happen — but WE are here. We are listening — and we love Madonna’s music — so pay attention to us and appeal to more of us. Don’t worry about the kiddies 🙂

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