Today in Madonna History: March 26, 2006


On March 26 2006, UK newspaper The Sunday Telegraph published a story looking at why US radio was no longer playing Madonna’s music, even though Confessions on a Dancefloor was a worldwide hit.

Here’s what Madonna’s then-publicist Liz Rosenberg had to say:

“Dance music isn’t getting the recognition that it deserves on radio stations in America right now, but Madonna really doesn’t evaluate the success of a record by its chart position. She likes to come out of a studio feeling she has done the very best work she can and earning the respect of her peers. She would love American radio to come on board in that way and show the same sort of commitment that European radio has done, but that is not a decision for her. She is about to go on tour and when radio stations are reminded that she is the most phenomenal performer of our time, I am sure they will tune into her again.”

One response

  1. Madonna did change Radio but I honestly think she ought to get played on Rock stations because Lady Madge is an authentic and devout rock & roller!-Put your hands up for Detroit!

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