Today in Madonna History: January 14, 1993

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On January 14 1993, Madonna was featured in a 2-part interview with Bryant Gumbel on NBC-TV’s Today to promote the film Body of Evidence.

Madonna seemed quite fond of Gumbel. If they were to get any closer she’d be sitting on his knee. And note the conspicuously missing gap between her teeth. Hmmm. On second thought, it may have had something to do with the filming of her next movie, Dangerous Game…what do you think?

2 responses

  1. That was a good and brilliant interview! What Madonna has done and has continued to do is look deep inside of herself as a woman,artist and unrepentant rock & roller with a Rebel Heart-That’s who Madonna is and how she’ll always be to me!

  2. Right after that interview she sang Bad Girl and Fever on SNL! She is wearing the same clothes! She looked amazing there! 1993 was a great year for Madonna!

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