Today in Madonna History: January 6, 1993


On January 6 1993, Madonna’s Erotica album was certified double-platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for sales of 2 million units in the USA.

What is your favourite track from Erotica?

3 responses

  1. “Erotica” was my fave M album of all time until “Confessions on a Dancefloor” blew it out of the water. The title track is definitely my favorite, but “Deeper & Deeper” runs a close second…. and “Bad Girl” is quite possibly my favorite Madonna ballad ever.

  2. My favorite chapter from Erotica is Rain because it’s a beautiful Ciccone ballad and it’s about her mother. At the same time, her students Lola and Rocco are honored in Rain. Madonna Forever!

  3. What a difficult question! Why’s It So Hard to choose only ONE song from this incredible, lyrically and musically complex and diverse album?

    Perhaps I’ll choose Bad Girl, for both the song and video. Although, of course, Rain is beautiful for both the song and video. I love the live version of Rain with Nikki and Donna singing 3-part harmony with Madonna.

    The lyrics for Where Life Begins are hilariously clever and cheeky, just like Holy Water on Rebel Heart. Secret Garden has a superb piano, bass, and percussion arrangement. Madonna worked with great musicians on Erotica.

    I love the subtle story line in the video for Deeper and Deeper. (Like the beginning part of the Material Girl video that conveys Madonna’s sense of irony that was completely missed by many people, casual viewers of the Deeper & Deeper video might also dismiss it as silly, superficial fun.) It looks like a happy hippy party video, but there’s a lot of darkness in it, especially with the creepy old new-age guy that Madonna worships in the beginning, then tries to escape from at the end.

    Just like the creepy young killer she unfortunately doesn’t manage to escape from at the end of the Bad Girl video. Lots of interesting darkness in the Erotica alburm — sex, death, betrayal, jealousy. I love the way Christopher Walken plays the guardian angel in Bad Girl, when he dances and hands her a smoke at the end.

    I think Erotica might be my favorite album.

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