Today in Madonna History: November 5, 1994

bedtime story outtake34

On November 5 1994, Bedtime Stories entered the UK album charts at number-two. It was Madonna’s second consecutive studio album to miss the top position on the UK charts, but it would be her last until 2015’s Rebel Heart, which also topped out in the runner-up position.

Which album denied Bedtime Stories its shot at earning Madonna another number-one debut in the UK? A greatest hits collection by perennial favorite of hockey (or in this case–soccer) moms everywhere, apparently….Bon Jovi.

We welcome you to ease your disbelief with the soothing sounds of the underrated Bedtime Stories album cut, Love Tried To Welcome Me.

“Instead of spring, it’s always winter
And my heart has always been a lonely hunter.”

One response

  1. With Bedtime Stories, even those skeptics who weren’t fans started to listen in and pay attention to Madonna for she couldn’t be denied any longer! Bedtime cries “Take me seriously as a singer, writer and as a Town Crier!” Nowhere is that more clearer than on sad Ciccone ballad Love Tried to Welcome Me. Madonna Cries and is drawn to sadness because she will never get over the shock of her mother’s death or the absolute sadness of love, heartbreak and life itself! Count me in as a fan-I LOVE MADONNA!

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