Today in Madonna History: November 3, 1989

bloodhounds_of-broadway-1 bloodhounds_of-broadway-2 bloodhounds_of-broadway-3

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On November 3 1989, Bloodhounds of Broadway was released in New York.

Here is the review summary by Hal Erickson of the New York Times:

Produced for theatrical released by PBS’ American Playhouse, Bloodhounds of Broadway is not exactly a remake of the 1952 film of the same name, though both pictures use the same Damon Runyon stories as inspiration. The scene is Broadway: the time is New Year’s Eve, 1928. Madonna plays small town girl-turned-hoofer Hortense Hathaway, who loves gambler Feet Samuels (Randy Quaid) more than somewhat. Since it is known far and wide that Feet has not a penny to his name, he must find some way to pay off his debts in a hurry. So he offers to sell his huge feet to a demented-an operation which will, alas, cost Feet the use of his life. Upon waking up to the fact that Hortense loves him, Feet decides that he prefers breathing to pushing up daisies. Meanwhile, a society doll named Harriet MacKyle (Julie Hagerty) turns on the spigots when her pet parrot is laid low by a clumsy gunman. And while all this is transpiring, high-roller Regret (Matt Dillon) has to beat a murder rap. Even while Regret is sweating it out, “The Brain” (Rutger Hauer), who is bleeding profusely after confronting the business end of a shiv, searches high and low for someone willing to donate blood to save his life. If you can, keep an eye out for author William Burroughs as a butler. Bloodhounds of Broadway was the first non-documentary effort of filmmaker Howard Brookner-and the last, since he died before the film was released. To gloss over the film’s plot holes, the distributors added a Winchell-like narrator to the proceedings, courtesy of actor Joseph Sommer.

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  1. Honestly, I’m not sure Rabbit Bunny. I remember seeing it a long time ago on VHS (I might have rented it because it wasn’t available to purchase back then – maybe it was ’93-95 when I saw it last). I’ve never really tried looking for it again. I’ll look on Amazon and report back if I see it. XX Jay

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