Today in Madonna History: October 27, 1996


On October 27 1996, Madonna’s You Must Love Me (the lead single from Evita) was released.

Kathleen Guerdo’s review for Billboard:

“Madonna delivers what is by far one of the strongest vocal performances of her career, comfortably scaling to the song’s demanding soprano heights while infusing it with delicate, heart-rending emotion. This bodes well for the creative potency of the rest of the soundtrack, which is due Nov. 14. Prepare for wall-to-wall airplay of this flawless ballad on pop and AC radio.”

One response

  1. Yes! I agree with Kathleen’s review of heartfelt and sad Evita ballad You Must Love Me! My runner-up as far as Madonna tunes go, Her Ladyship sobs and cries You Must Love Me with equal parts Joy and Happiness, Sadness and Heartbreak-as much for sad Evita as it will always be for Brilliant Lola and for all of us who absolutely love Madonna! Above all else Madonna sings the beautiful ballad with a Detroit smile on her face while always remembering the Evita sadness that is paramount to the song’s success and existence-one unbroken promise! Madonna’s sad and heartfelt voice became a beautiful instrument in this song! I love You Must Love Me!

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