Today in Madonna History: October 13, 1992

madonna jonathan ross 1992 1 550 madonna jonathan ross 1992 2 550

On October 13 1992, Madonna appeared on BBC1-TV’s Jonathan Ross Presents. The interview was recorded in London during the Erotica and Sex promo tour. The interview also aired on Canada’s MuchMusic during their January, 1993 day-long Madonnathon.

2 responses

  1. Parts of Erotica-the sad ballads Bad Girl, Rain and In This Life are among Madonna’s best artworks! However, the ballad brilliance is undercut by too much sex! Madonna at this time still had a lot to work on in her personal life!

  2. Im sorry but i disagree with Rabbit Bunny- Erotica only postured sex, not wallowed in it, unlike some of the tracks off “rebel heart” erotica is surprisingly lacking in sex, depsite the song titles, only “where life begings” deals directly with sex, the title track plays with the idea of what is erotic, but is erotic sex?

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