Today in Madonna History: June 30, 1992

this-used-to-be-my-playground-1 this-used-to-be-my-playground-2 this-used-to-be-my-playground-3 this-used-to-be-my-playground-7 this-used-to-be-my-playground-5 this-used-to-be-my-playground-6 this-used-to-be-my-playground-4

On June 30 1992, Madonna’s This Used To Be My Playground video was released, a day before the release of A League Of Their Own.

The video was filmed in June 1992 at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, California and Malibu Beach.  The This Used To Be My Playground video was directed by Alek Keshishian.

2 responses

  1. one of madonna’s most simple songs, most simple videos and both so poignant. i love TUTBMP. some of her absolute best songs come from movies. i hope she does more soundtrack work soon.

  2. I agree Peter! Playground is so heartbreaking and sad, yet so simple, effective and heartfelt that Madonna Cries in the art song and sad ballad-Natch-Playground is about her mother’s death yet the emotion and feeling is so universal, absolute and heartfelt that Madonna has no choice but to Cry Her Rebel Heart out! I LOVE MADONNA!

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