Today in Madonna History: June 22, 1990

Madonna-hanky-panky-maxi-single-1 Madonna-hanky-panky-maxi-single-2 Madonna-hanky-panky-maxi-single-3

On June 22 1990, the second and final single from Madonna’s I’m Breathless album, Hanky Panky, was released in North America.

Greg Sandow, from Entertainment Weekly, called the song a “delightful challenge to censorship”.

2 responses

  1. Yes it was! I don’t get the humor-my least fave Madonna single! Hanky Panky did redeem itself during 04’s Reinvention Tour! A good time was had by all! I enjoyed myself! Viva Madonna!

  2. Loev her from a chield in hi scool ass the presidend for 8 years and to my radio then teanayger radio love times now paynter wash actor with awards internationals.oll my best wishes madonna hope to see you someday and to have crietivity art fan good time.Fanis Mantzoros

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