Today in Madonna History: June 17, 2003

Madonna_Hollywood_Single_Steven_Meisel-1 Madonna_Hollywood_Single_Steven_Meisel-2

On June 17 2003, the single cover for Madonna’s Hollywood single was revealed. The photo was taken from the photo shoot by Steven Klein for W Magazine.

Hollywood was the second single from the American Life album, released on July 14, 2003.

In April 2003, in an interview with Q Magazine, Madonna described the allure life in Hollywood:

“I’ve had 20 years of fame and fortune, and I feel that I have a right to an opinion on what it is and what it isn’t. All everyone is obsessed about at the moment is being a celebrity. I’m saying that’s bullshit and who knows better than me? Before it happens you have all kinds of notions about how wonderful celebrity is and how much joy it’s going to bring you. Then you arrive … Look like this you’re gonna be happy. Drive this car you’re gonna be popular. Wear these clothes and people are gonna wanna fuck you. It’s a very powerful illusion and people are caught up in it, including myself. Or I was.”

One response

  1. Hollywood-CLEARLY ONE OF MADONNA’S MOST MISUNDERSTOOD ARTWORKS! In the acoustic rocker, Madonna is misunderstood, enraged, confused and angry! I could tell from the single cover artwork that Madonna is angry! Twelve years after it first aired on Radio, I Believe she still is! Trust me friends! You don’t want to fool around with Madonna if she’s rude or angry! However if you want my honest opinion on Hollywood, it’s defiantly and definite not one of her better songs! I Don’t even like Hollywood because it came from her first outright failure-American Life-a record so misguided that it makes the Sex book seem like a Masterpiece! Clearly both are not even close! Even the great and brilliant ones screw up from time to time-Madonna’s no different! Still as a devoted and longtime fan,I FORGIVE MADONNA!

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