Today in Madonna History: April 27, 1993

this-used-to-be-my-playground-award-1 this-used-to-be-my-playground-award-2 this-used-to-be-my-playground-award-3 this-used-to-be-my-playground-award-4 this-used-to-be-my-playground-award-5

On April 27 1993, Madonna was honoured for Best Songwriting for This Used To Be My Playground at the 8th annual ASCAP Film & Television Music Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

3 responses

  1. If Everybody, Into the Groove, Ray of Light and Music have showcased Madonna’s wild and fun-loving party side, then sad ballad This Used to Be My Playground showcases her Real Side-the Sad Human Rabbit without her mother-Playground is where Madonna truly came into her own as the Queen of Sadness! Love Madonna and her vulnerable reinventions!

    • At first I remember thinking it was a bit dirge-like (and unbearably depressing in the film where the old ladies trudge about at the end wondering where all the time went), but after a while it started to grow on me. As you say: truly Madonna when she could do sadness properly. I think Masterpiece was edging back there again as well.

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