Today in Madonna History: March 3, 2000

American Pie Canadian CDMS Cover American Pie Canadian CDMS Inside Cover

On March 3 2000, American Pie was released as a single in the UK. The cover of the Don McLean classic would hit number-one on the UK singles chart the following week.

A huge international hit, American Pie also topped the charts in Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria and Finland. In the U.S. the track was not released commercially in a strategic move designed to maximize sales of The Next Best Thing soundtrack, however it managed to reach number twenty-nine on the Hot 100 based on the strength of airplay alone.

One response

  1. Like the lady herself, I also have mixed feelings about Maddy’s take on Don McLean’s Buddy Holly tribute Sixties summation American Pie-but in her own unique way, I feel that Madonna has done Holly justice because like Buddy, Madonna is a singer and poet who also sings writes and above all cries about Love in the Evita sadness of her Detroit voice-The first and last verses are doubtless important in the context of Madonna’s life! By crying the hook about “the day music died”-Madonna represents the faith, hope and love that her art and music has given her because as she Cried in the new issue of Rolling Stone-“Immortality is immortal!-I will never die!” For Madonna-and for all of us-her music will never die!

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