Today in Madonna History: January 2, 1999


On January 2 1999, Madonna’s The Power Of Good-Bye single peaked at #14 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart in the USA.

Your heart is not open so I must go
The spell has been broken, I loved you so
Freedom comes when you learn to let go
Creation comes when you learn to say no

You were my lesson I had to learn
I was your fortress you had to burn
Pain is a warning that something’s wrong
I pray to God that it won’t be long
Do ya wanna go higher?

One response

  1. The Power of Goodbye-that’s one the best ballads and saddest songs Madonna has ever written and recorded! What is the song about? Who knows exactly? What we do know is the the Power of Goodbye is one of Madonna’s songs that have multiple meanings-the absolute sadness, shock and horror of her mother’s death or about the two loves that got away from her-Sean and Guy are the marked men in question-or just an overall sadness that only Madonna can explain-she is beside herself and just cries-this is why I think Lady Madonna is absolutely brilliant!-there’s something about Her Ladyship that I can’t explain!-Her sadness is just there for the world to hear!-and that is why there is no one like her! Madonna is special and unique! I love her!

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