Today in Madonna History: December 4, 1996

m-billboard-music-awards-96-a m-billboard-music-awards-96-b

On December 4 1996, Madonna was honoured with the Artist Achievement Award at the 7th annual Billboard Music Awards at the Aladdin Hotel Theatre For The Performing Arts in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This was Madonna’s first public appearance since the birth of her daughter Lourdes.

One response

  1. That it will always be about the Music because Madonna Lives to Tell, Takes a Bow and always Cherishes Life, Love and Humanity. In her Rebel Heart, Madonna is forever Living for Love. She is Rock’s Lucky Star, Material Girl, Ray of Light and Masterpiece who is always in Vogue, has a Holiday and Turns Up the Radio so we can hear her beautiful voice! We Must Love Her! Cheers, Madonna! The Lady of Them All!

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