Today in Madonna History: November 10, 1986

barneysaidsbenefit-1 barneysaidsbenefit-2 barneysaidsbenefit-3 barneysaidsbenefit-4 barneysaidsbenefit-5

On November 10 1986, Madonna participated as a model in an all-star AIDS benefit fashion show at Barney’s (clothing store) in New York, which benefited the AIDS Research Clinic at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan, New York.

One response

  1. True Blue was the beginning of Madonna’s Ascent into Brilliance! That she was blossoming into a brilliant singer/songwriter/musician were three added bonuses. That she was taking a stand against Reagan and his terrible policies was laudatory. That she was willing to join U2, R.E.M., Springsteen and Mellencamp as Eighties Rockers with a Socio-Political Conscience may have been and still is her biggest victory and greatest triumph. To this day, it’s clear that Madonna cares about life, love and humanity as immortalized in films Truth or Dare, Evita, Secret and I Am Because We Are. Let’s all Live to Tell, Take a Bow and be MDNA Rays of Light! Madonna Forever!

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