Today in Madonna History: November 5, 2000

roseland-2000-a roseland-2000b roseland-2000c roseland-2000e Madonna Roseland Performance roseland-2000g roseland-2000h roseland-2000i

On November 5 2000, Madonna performed a mini-concert to promote the Music album at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City.

During the show Madonna performed: Impressive Instant, Runaway Lover, Don’t Tell Me, What It Feels Like For A Girl and Music.

2 responses

  1. Music is a brilliant record!! It zigzags across its ten chapters from the maniacal happiness of the #1 hit title cut and Impressive Instant, the certainty of follow-up hits Don’t Tell Me and What It Feels Like for a Girl, the ambivalence of Runaway Lover, I Deserve It and Amazing and then the absolute sadness of
    Nobody’s Perfect, Paradise and Gone. On any given album, Madonna’s either happy or sad. She did both on Music! That’s why she will live forever!

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