Today in Madonna History: November 3, 2000

Letterman (2000) 2

On November 3 2000, Madonna guested on CBS-TV’s Late Show With David Letterman to promote the Music album. She performed an acoustic version of the album’s second single, Don’t Tell Me.

The performance featured several firsts for Madonna: her first live performance to promote the Music album; her first TV appearance following the birth of her son Rocco; her first performance on guitar since her pre-fame days in NYC band Emmy; her first unplugged/acoustic live performance; her first live performance with longtime guitarist Monte Pittman; and her first (and only) musical performance on the Late Show.

Despite being promoted as such, it was not, however, Madonna’s first time back to the Late Show after her infamously censored 1994 appearance. She had made a brief, unscheduled visit to the set to drop off a valentine for Letterman during a 1995 taping of the show.

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  1. As her acoustic artwork pieces go, Don’t Tell Me is brilliant! In the end Don’t Tell Me is Madonna’s bold and brave statement-her manifesto-of her brilliant life! Madonna is one of rock’s last true rebels because of her rebel heart, brave soul and rock & roll rebellion and attitude! It was Don’t Tell Me that got Madonna into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame-but the how and the why about not getting on the Rock Stations will remain an eternal mystery until Radio changes it’s lax attitude about Madonna-for she is a genuine rocker who cares about the art form of Music. As Detroit Rock City’s favorite daughter, Madonna Louise Ciccone is Pure Michigan Detroit Made!-and that is Rabbit Bunny’s absolute truth! I Love Madonna!

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