Today in Madonna History: October 10, 2002

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On October 10 2002, the music video for Die Another Day premiered on MTV. Helmed by Swedish directing team Traktor, the action-packed short for Madonna’s James Bond theme remains the second most expensive music video of all-time, with production costs surpassing the six-million dollar mark. The clip made its debut as part of an episode of MTV’s Making The Video – Madonna’s first appearance on the series.

Traktor’s Ole Sanders spoke to Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet about Madonna’s involvement in the clip’s development:

“We received daily e-mails with feedback that was concise, unambiguous and occasionally entertaining. She works extremely hard with gumption and detail, and it was clear to us how she has remained on top for twenty years. It was no use being unprepared with vague ideas disguised as creativity, as there was no place to hide.”

The video was filmed at Hollywood Center Studios in Hollywood, California between August 22 and August 27, 2002 – an atypically lengthy shoot by Madonna’s standards, likely due to the complexities of capturing the special effects and stunts featured throughout the Bond-influenced clip.

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  1. The writing of Die Another Day has the ring of absolute Madonna truth-as it was the first single-and only hit-from her worst album of her career-American Life. That record had serious ramifications and consequences that-at least as a regular chart and radio fixture-Madonna almost didn’t make it out alive with her soul and conscience intact. Yet somehow as Madonna will soon sing and write and cry in upcoming single/title-cut
    (maybe) Rebel Heart-somehow-Madonna has survived and Lived to Tell and Took Her Bow about the whole harrowing American Life farrago/affair. We all have learned our lessons well. For Madonna Ciccone-and the rest of us-to paraphrase Irish bluesman Van Morrison-It’s Too Late to Stop Now! Hail Madonna, full of grace!

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