Today in Madonna History: August 8, 1984


On August 8 1984, Madonna’s Lucky Star was released.  Lucky Star became Madonna’s first U.S. top five hit (No. 4), and the first in a string of 17 consecutive U.S. top fives. The video was directed by Arthur Pierson, a stark performance piece bringing together her brother Christopher Ciccone and Erica Bell as backup dancers. The clip was filled with black rubber jelly bracelets, lace and a certain gyrating belly button.

Lucky Star was written by Madonna and produced by Reggie Lucas and Jellybean Benitez.

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  1. Lucky Star is all these things and more! The song is also Madonna’s opening as a tribute to her late mother. Therefore it has a resonance and a sadness to the song that became a Madonna hallmark and signature! Lucky Star reached Transcendence on the 2006 Confessions Tour in which Lady Madge confessed, broke down and cried! A wonderful song and performance by Madonna! Nice going Ciccone!

    • September 8 1983 is the UK release date. Although Lucky Star was released promotionally as a double A-side with Holiday in the U.S. in September 1983, it was not released commercially in North America until August 1984 as the album’s last single.

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