Today in Madonna History: August 1, 1990

BAT Barcelona 1990 550

On August 1 1990, Madonna In Concert was taped by SACIS-RAI at Olympic Stadium in Barcelona, Spain on the second to last date of Madonna’s Blond Ambition Tour.

The special was broadcast in Spain, Italy, the UK and Australia. It also aired on Canada’s MuchMusic on September 10, 1990. After being heavily promoted by the channel in the weeks leading up to the broadcast, the special aired in an edited version during its prime time slot, followed by an uncensored airing at midnight.

In addition to its intended use for broadcast, the recording also served as an unused safety net for her HBO special from the final date in Nice, France a few days later.

One response

  1. 1990-1994. The beginning of an incredibly dark time for Madonna. She just didn’t know how to handle herself back then. It wasn’t until ballad Take a Bow that Madge’s priorities changed irrevocably. She no longer viewed Sex, Truth or Dare or Blonde Ambition in her life anymore. However, like all artists, Madonna made it through the wilderness-to quote Like a Virgin-to become a Ray of Light. Yeah, the Dark Period was hard to deal with!! Yet in the end, Madonna survived the ordeal nightmare!

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