Today in Madonna History: May 18, 1987

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On May 18 1987, Madonna was honored for Best Songwriting for Live To Tell at the 4th annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA; the award was accepted on her behalf by brother-in-law Christopher Penn.

3 responses

  1. Live to Tell helped out through a hard time in my life-I hated School and Madonna’s bridge/middle eight
    “If I ran away/I’d never have the strength to go very far” haunted but also helped me! i Thank Madonna for helping get this far in my life! She is an inspiration in my life. Thanks Madge! You Are that Ray of Light you sing, cry and write about in our world! May you forever Live to Tell and Take a Bow! Thank You Lady Ciccone!

  2. Live to Tell haunted-but also helped me through a difficult time in my life! I hated School but when I First Heard Madonna, I Cried and I ALSO FELT BETTER IN MY LIFE. Thank You Lady Madonna for Live to Tell! Love You Lady Madonna!!!

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