Today in Madonna History – May 6, 1991

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On May 6 1991, Madonna attended the Los Angeles premiere of Truth Or Dare, a film documentary of her Blond Ambition World Tour 1990, directed by Alek Keshishian, at the Pacific Cinerama Dome.

2 responses

  1. I Loved Truth or Dare-There was Vogue, Open Your Heart and Like a Prayer but there was also Sadness, Emotion, Promise to Try and Live to Tell. I CRIED DURING THAT MOVIE!!!! Madonna Forever!!

  2. Madonna, I know you’ll never read. I need to implore your spirit in some means. As a child,12 or 13, your music, artistry, and creativity inspired me to explore & express my talents. Through your song,”Borderline”,alone,played by my brother in our basement, made me move carelessly and with fluidity at 7 years old. I never took lessons. Hell. I didn’t do anything extracurricular in those days, except for going to 2 dances my sophomore year and went with friends to the Prom. I was so unsociable, and truthfully, just mentally & physically afraid and intimidated by my all-together peers. I just existed; I was the youngest by many years in my family. My parents were near-recluses who isolated themselves inside the walls of their own home. If it wasn’t for my siblings and their friends, I wouldn’t know the joy and activities that most normal, well-adjusted people get involved with. Many fans say this and it’s abnormally cliche and beyond sad to think you hold the value of someone’s life and they’re complete strangers who only know the smallest part and the only thing, frankly, you owe us admirers, your art. But you sort-of saved my life. Well, maybe a less demonstrative and self-destructive way of communicating the sentiment, is that you saved my life from the dulldrum and dark confusion that I faced day to day. Childhood is a long period of time;it’s crippling and depressing if you’re alone and hollow. You, Madonna, with your songs, images of your infinite fashions and hairstyles, videos full of intricate choreography I obsessively studied, and the interviews on news shoes I never missed. Thanks to Sister and her then-husband, I got to see “The Girly Show” in Toronto. When Teresa called and asked if I wanted to go, I was on the cusp of saying “no, no thanks.” Well, I’m human and I have standards, too. I didn’t support the era when you not only used sexuality as an addition to the human condition, but the transparency of using its cheap companion, pornography and degradation to sell out. Madonna, you knew better. The people that minimized your creativity and genuine musical prowess were not the same people that supported you from the beginning and literally made you the phenomenon that will always be. A perfectionist only lies in God. That is a huge plus for an entertainer to have; the humilty. Spreading the word about the existence of God in all that we do.He created you for the reason why I am thanking you. I hope in one world or another, I’ll be graced by your presence. ❤ Kristine

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