Today in Madonna History: April 21, 2003

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On April 21, 2003, Madonna’s ninth studio album, American Life was released by Maverick Records and distributed by Warner Bros. Records.

The album, produced in its entirety by Madonna and Mirwais Ahmadzaï, features references to many parts of American culture. The album is considered a concept album, with recurring themes of the American Dream and materialism.


American Life
I’m So Stupid
Love Profusion
Nobody Knows Me
Nothing Fails
X-Static Process
Mother and Father
Die Another Day
Easy Ride

One response

  1. American Life-That was when her artistic world fell apart. For once, Madonna was at a loss. Even the best ones make failures on occasion. Is the record at least decent and good? Yes. It does contain some Ciccone gems-X-Static Process, Mother/Father, Die Another Day and Easy Ride. However, highlights are few and far between. The acoustic guitar on American Life doesn’t suit her, the writing uninspired and Maddy screams more than cries. It’s just not what I want Madge to be. I WOULD RATHER HEAR MADONNA DANCE, SING AND CRY! American Life was a dangerous game not worth playing! Body of evidence? Dead on arrival! Madonna at her most self-centered and narcisisistic! She would happily bounce back with Confessions, Candy and MDNA BUT ULTIMATELY American Life was when Rabbit/Warner let go of Madonna. As far as Radio was concerned, Madonna got boycotted. I hope one day American Life gets the respect it deserves. She has never been the same since. But hey, I still love Madonna!

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