Today in Madonna History: April 1, 2003


On April 1, 2003, Madonna pulled the American Life video and released a statement explaining why:

“I have decided not to release my new video. It was filmed before the war started and I do not believe it is appropriate to air it at this time. Due to the volatile state of the world and out of sensitivity and respect to the armed forces, who I support and pray for, I do not want to risk offending anyone who might misinterpret the meaning of this video.”

The video was directed by Jonas Åkerlund.

5 responses

  1. Along with the movie sidetrip, the Sex book and the marriages to Sean and Guy-and being an expatriate in England and the acoustic guitar, file American Life under Maddy’s ideas that didn’t work out as planned. That whole era-2003/04- was a time when I LOOKED AT MADONNA FROM A DISTANCE! Where was her mind at and what was she really thinking at the time. Artistically and commercially, American Life was Madonna’s low point and nadir. I DON’T LOOK BACK VERY FONDLY AT ALL ABOUT THIS PERIOD FOR MADONNA. Madonna at her most confused, perplexed, misunderstood and freaked up! As far as radio was concerned, Madonna was ostracized. And as far as the public was concerned, Lady Madge has never fully recovered from the American Life episode. That’s too bad and a damn shame because I still love Madonna. Ultimately, as the song said-Nobody’s Perfect. I FORGIVE HER!

      • Yes, one was an ending with a Bush and Hussein look a likes. Not sure if that will ever be released, but she should’ve included this on celebration. It’s sad that people can’t understand what this video is truly about.

    • I agree! So many things happened in that time zone [ 2003/2004] and absolutely nothing worked except the Tour. Commercially she died big time not even the kiss saved Hollywood..

  2. I totally disagree, Rabbit Bunny. The American Life video is one of her best and shows that she’s not just a shallow pop-star mourning failed relationships, praising the attributes of flash-in-the-pan lovers, pleading the world to get up and shake their collective booties, not that I criticize her for these themes, but it’s nice to hear her political views for a change. The American Life album reminds me of Like A Prayer, where she reveals herself on a much deeper level than she had prior to that. I find the album personally inspiring and I love the honesty and satirical side of her nature that surfaces in many of the songs.

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