Today In Madonna History: February 20, 1995



On February 20, 1995, Madonna performed Bedtime Story at the 14th annual Brit Awards at the Alexandra Palace in London, England.

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  1. One of Madonna’s most emotional and culturally relevant artworks-it did better in clubs than on the charts-the title cut to Bedtime Stories deals with the onslaught of media-death and the hollow feeling of Fame and misfortune that was to be a key theme in Future art songs Drowned World/Substitute for Love, Gone, Nobody Knows Me and the musical question How High? In the emotionally sad Ciccone banger, Madonna sadly cries “And Inside/We’re All Still Wet!!/Longing and Yearning”-and then asks an important question
    -“How can I Explain How I Feel?” Crying and Beside Herself, Madonna then says farewell and goodbye to Sex, Fame and being a Material Girl and Finally Declares to the world “And all you’ve learned/Forget about it!/I’ll Never Explain Again!” In her declaration of emancipation and independence, Madonna Louise Ciccone moved on in her American Detroit Life and kissed the world as she knew it goodbye. She moved on to Ray of Light and MDNA with a vengeance and has never looked back. In doing so, Evita Madge won her salient victory in the House of Ciccone-and told the Daring Truth,

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