Today In Madonna History: March 22, 1993

madonna_fever_single-1 madonna_fever_single-1b madonna_fever_single-1c

On March 22 1993, Madonna’s cover of Fever (a remake of the classic 1958 Peggy Lee song) was released as a UK single.

The UK single included the following remixes:

  1. Album Edit (4.27)
  2. Hot Sweat 12″ (7.57)
  3. Extended 12″ (6.05)
  4. Shep’s Remedy Dub (4.29)
  5. Murk Boys Miami Mix (7.07)
  6. Murk Boys Deep South Mix (6.28)
Sun lights up the daytime
Moon lights up the night
My eyes light up when you call my name
'Cause I know you're gonna treat me right
Bless my soul I love you, take this heart away
Take these arms I'll never use
And just believe in what my lips have to say
You give me...

5 responses

  1. Such odd choices with this, starting with the confusing use of an image from the “Bad Girl” video as the cover art. And the remixes don’t include the best of the bunch — the arrangement used for the “Fever” video (later replicated for the live performance in The Girlie Show) — which to this day has never been made commercially available. Not to mention the eternal debate as to whether the last minute decision to eschew “Goodbye for Innocence” from the “Erotica” album to make room for “Fever” was the RIGHT decision. (I think it was, for the record.)

  2. And also the fact that the proper video was shot and released AFTER the single had already been released in Europe (where only a compilation video of previous clips was released to promote the single). The video was primarily serviced in North America where the song was not even released as a radio single, it was only serviced to clubs with the remixes being included on the Bad Girl 12-inch single commercially (with the exception of the video remixes, of course). Definitely lots of unusual choices considering that Fever was one of the more commercial songs on the album and likely would have been a hit if it had been fully promoted and the video had been timed properly. The video remix was actually commercially released later though; it is included on the German single for Rain (it’s called “Fever (Edit One)” and was remixed by Daniel Abraham). He was responsible for the radio remix of Rain (which I personally dislike). He also remixed the version of Don’t Stop that appears on the Bedtime Stories album and the version of Your Honesty that appears on the Remixed & Revisited EP (which suggests she was likely trying to decide whether Don’t Stop or Your Honesty should be included on the Bedtime Stories album and sent them both to Abraham to see if he could improve on the original productions, and ultimately went with his mix of Don’t Stop for BS).

  3. I hope Fever gets released on all streaming devices soon!! Instead of releasing American Pie a few days ago they could’ve done Fever with the 2 video version edit 1 and 2. Seems like fans love those versions better. I love them all, and want all her maxi singles on streaming devices. Also, she says another mix and video of Frozen are coming soon. Yay!

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