Today in Madonna History: December 22, 2009

On December 22 2009, Madonna’s hits collection Celebration was released on vinyl in the U.S. by Warner Bros. Records following a one-week delay from its original street date.

The deluxe vinyl package featured four 120g black vinyl discs pressed at Record Industry (Netherlands) in a 2-pocket Stoughton gatefold jacket with expanded pockets (2 discs in each pocket) and included all of the 36 songs originally available on the 2-CD edition of the album. A vinyl edition for the European market also appeared in record shops on January 8th, 2010.

Although Warner made no indication of either pressing being a limited edition release, the sets disappeared from store shelves once their initial shipments had sold and were promptly deleted from circulation by Warner on both continents without explanation. Sealed copies of the sets now command more than $500+ USD in the collectors market.

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  1. On Disc 1, my favorites are Hung Up, Music, Vogue, Like a Prayer and Ray of Light and on Disc 2, my favorites are Crazy for You, Take a Bow, Live to Tell and the title cut. Madonna is a brilliant artist and Celebration is a brilliant Bunny Comp-brought to you by the Rabbits at Warner!

    • I wonder that as well. Considering how much I loved (and how important) Immaculate Collection and Something to Remember (and You Can Dance if we’re talking collections in general), GHV2 and then Celebration have never resonated with me. I rarely played GHV2 because it felt like it missed a chunk of M’s important 90’s singles and then with Celebration — it felt like a bloated mess, despite the fact that it’s filled with my favourite songs. I enjoy a chronological approach as I can move through it and feel the feels I had when those songs were released. A random track list is jarring and pulls me out of the “mood” or .. I’m not sure what the word is.

  2. Revolver should’ve had a video and released in her DVD collection. It would’ve sold more. I wish they’d put the videos on Blu-ray. Warner should’ve included “This used to be my Playground”, “You must love Me”, and the original video for “Holiday”. I’m not sure why Warner never listened to fans, but they’d make more money if they had.

    • I always wondered what the original “Holiday” video was. I’ve seen one where she and two back up dancers are on a sound stage and some Ebeneezer Scrooge wakes up in the middle of the song and walks off set. Surely, that’s not the original video….

    • I agree. The track could have been more of an “assignment” from Warner. A required work to complete the contract and if that’s the case and M’s heart wasn’t in it, then it makes sense. But then why enlist a very popular (at the time) co-star if you’re not going to milk it for the full potential? Seems like a wasted effort and expense.

      And then she performed Revolver during MDNA tour, so she has some fondness for the song or she would abandon it completely like we’ve seen her do before with similar “assignment” tracks.

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