Today in Madonna History: August 3, 2012


On August 3 2012, Madonna’s Turn Up The Radio was released as the third single from the MDNA album in the United Kingdom.

The examiner reviewed the single and noted:

Turn Up the Radio should have been the first single, not the third. The song is light, fun and has a killer hook.

In a world where ageism doesn’t exist, Turn Up the Radio would become one of the biggest pop anthems ever. It certainly competes with Madonna’s other classic songs such as Vogue, Holiday, and Into the Groove. However, we live in a world where a new song from a singer over 40 (particular a female singer) is not welcome at contemporary radio.

7 responses

  1. The curious case of hard guitar rocker Turn Up the Radio-of course I didn’t hear it on the Radio because for one thing I stopped listening to Top 40 a long time ago-in an alternate parallel universe, Turn Up the Radio should have been #1 on the Rock Charts-I love Madonna but I don’t like the way Radio has treated her-To quote friend and first influence Elvis Costello in early song Radio Radio-“Say you better listen to the voice of reason/But they don’t give you any choice because they think that it’s treason/So you had better do as you are told/You better listen to the Radio!”

    • Same! I haven’t listened to top 40 since 1987 except for the few songs that pop (pun intended) out to me.

  2. The disgusting ageism Madonna has had to deal with kept great tracks like jump celebration living for love ghost town and turn up the radio from reaching full chart potential. It’s a sad state because you can’t name any other artist who kept delivering the pop hooks for that long in a pop music career.

  3. Lol at this song even remotely comparing to vogue, holiday or into the groove. It’s not just ageism people. Let’s be real

  4. I’ve always thought “Turn Up the Radio” would’ve really worked well as a new track for GHV2. She was still going strong on US Top 40 and American radio and it would’ve been a great track to promote her second greatest hits. 🙂

  5. The ageists who control radio need to realize that we all age. Even now Katy Perry’s singles are not being played as they once were, and in 9 more years Taylor Swift will be 40. “If it’s a good song play it” that’s what I say. I heard her music on the radio up until Madame X. It was played more in LatAm than than the usa. MDNA was such an under rated record, but she did win over new fans with that record for it’s EDM theme. In the usa GMAYL hit number 10 and GGW hit 98. Masterpiece should’ve been released first as her film songs always do well. Her last billboard top 100 was Bitch I’m Madonna in 2015.

  6. Nowhere near the status of Pop perfection you referred too. I do agree however, that it would have been a hit if not for M’s age. Same with several tracks that Madonna has released in the last 10 years or so. Ghost Town being the most obvious to me.

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