Today in Madonna History: June 11, 1986

On June 11 1986, Madonna’s Papa Don’t Preach single was released.

The single and its music video, which made its debut a week later, caused controversy due to its focus on the issue of teenage pregnancy. Perhaps if the media had paid a little closer attention to the video, they would have found that it contained a few other points of interest. While Danny Aiello’s inclusion in the video was duly reported, the same can’t be said for Madonna’s breasts, which also made several brief cameo appearances in the clip.

We imagine Madonna must have had a good laugh over the fact that these scenes flew under the radar of MTV, the media, and by all but the most perceptive of fans at the time.

5 responses

  1. Papa Don’t Preach-a stern rebuke aimed at her father and the other male authority figures Madonna has faced in her life because of her mother’s death! Madonna is still sad to this day! Papa Don’t Preach then should cross paths with Nobody’s Perfect and Rebel Heart!

  2. This song and video and the upcoming True Blue album were such a big deal at the time. I remember my older brother, a couple of neighbors and my aunt all coming over to watch the video premiere on MTV. We were shocked by how different she looked. I bought the 45 of the song a few days later, but my Dad took it away from me because he felt a song about a teenager having a baby was too adult themed for a kid.

    • Papa I know you’re going to be upset
      But I am not a little girl
      And you should know by now
      That I’m not having babies
      You’re always preaching right and wrong
      I need your help, daddy please be strong
      I’m way too gay at heart
      To live out what she’s saying
      But daddy, daddy if you could only see
      Just how much she’s been reaching me
      You’d give it your blessing right now
      ‘Cause I am in love
      I am in love, so please…
      But he keeps on telling me to give her up
      That boys should like guitars not dancing divas
      What I need right now is her lyrical advice, please
      Papa Don’t Preach!
      Cuz I made up my mind, I’m keeping my single!
      Don’t you stop loving me, daddy!
      I know, I’m keeping Madonna!


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