Today in Madonna History: July 11, 1987

On July 11 1987, Madonna’s Who’s That Girl made its U.S. chart debut at #43 on the Billboard Hot 100. The single entered the Hot 100 Airplay chart at #32 in the same issue.

2 responses

  1. Who’s That Girl?-a question-an ideal-that has been all around Madonna her entire life ever since December 1, 1963-when her mother died. Yet here she is and will always be-strong, brave and triumphant-from Live to Tell to her turning point in Evita, through motherhood right on up to saving a nation in Malawi-Madonna’s American Life, her Music and her Ray of Light in her Rebel Heart
    from the auto factories of Michigan-is something that is true, real and authentic-and we just can’t look away!

  2. I’d forgotten about this song. When I was a Freshman in high school, the Principal played the beginning of this remix as the opening for his morning announcements. A ton of memories rushed back when I heard it.

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