Today in Madonna History: May 7, 1991


On May 7 1991, Madonna admits her bisexuality in a controversial 2-part interview with The Advocate magazine.

7 responses

  1. Truth or Dare was a revealing but also good and brilliant flick! In the middle of the movie, Madonna visits mother’s grave as sad ballad Promise to Try plays-“Can’t kiss her goodbye but I promise to try!”
    -and I just about Cried!

  2. maybe it’s just a case of being around highly sexed people and lots of drugs, mixed with fame, and the means of doing what you like, maybe

  3. The Bi-sexual Madonna is on a scale of about Fun/different/experience (4) to Men (1000). Cool she tried it out though and wasn’t ashamed!

  4. Tony Ward who was Madonnas bf then was incredibly sexy. This era in her career was exciting as nobody knew what was next. Then a year later we got S. E. X. And Erotica which was brilliant.

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